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not in your face  

Traveling Exhibition

Available through Susan Barnett are two museum quality traveling exhibitions featuring images not only from the book T: A Typology of T-Shirts, but other images from the Not In Your Face portfolio. The photographs are framed and crate-ready for shipping. The choice of photographs would be determined by the Curator’s choice, theme of the exhibition, […]

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A few years ago I photographed a young man who called himself Doobie. He was entertaining and was obviously loved by his fellow travelers. Venice Beach is a fertile ground for all kinds of t-shirt wearers. I find that the most up to the minute messages occur there and then six months later I see […]

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On Venice Beach in California there is a large population of homeless teens and runaways. Gabe came up to me one day wearing a t-shirt that said “Fuck You You Fucking little Fuck.” He was very young and very skinny, was shy but was very curious about what I was up to. I took his […]

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About NIYF stories

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About the NIYF project

These photographs are not about the t-shirts per se. Not In Your Face is a series about identity, validation, and perception. I look for individuals who stand out in a crowd by the choice of the message on their back. The messages are combinations of pictures and words that reveal much about the identity of […]

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